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Do you ever wonder what the consequence of open science in the transport sector might be?

13 April 2023

Based on the Futures Wheel methodology we have asked experts within the field about the potential gains, but also pitfalls if proper risk analysis are not made in the transition of sharing knowledge, data, software etc. more openly.

For open science in general we found positive impacts of increased #innovation#efficiency, economic savings, more #equality, and increased #participation of citizens.

In addition, we found several potential transport specific impacts: lower emission, faster travel times, improved #trafficsafety, increased awareness for transport policies and #artificialintelligence improving mobility services.

However we also identified potential negative outcomes: job loss, new types of #risks, increased #cost, increased conflicts, time delays, increased #inequality and increased energy consumption. Knowing the negative outcomes makes it much easier to put in place strategies that are sustainable for a broader stakeholder group and take advantage of the positive impacts.

You can read more about our findings in Scientific Reports:

Thank you for the great collaboration and efforts in this project Afroditi Anagnostopoulou Attila Akac Jakob M. Kristel Palts Anne Zilles and Ove Langeland

The findings are part of the BeOpen Project funded by #Horizon2020