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Open Access & Open Science: failure is not an option for any party

25 April 2023

LERU welcomes the presently developed draft Council Conclusions on “high-quality, transparent, open, trustworthy and equitable scholarly publishing”, to be adopted at the Competitiveness Council meeting of 23 May 2023[1]

They take Open Access to the next stage of implementation across Europe and thus represent a key move in embedding Open Science into the European research landscape. Many LERU papers, on Open Access, Open Data and Open Science have advocated the same causes.


So, LERU welcomes the upcoming Council Conclusions on Open Access and Open Science. They take these issues to the next step by turning vision into practice and actively engage with Europe’s researchers. As the Conclusions are implemented at European and national level, the publishing and scholarly landscape should change further in the direction of Open Science, helping to alleviate the inequity which currently exists in this space.

[1] These comments are based on the draft of 20 April 2023, as embedded in .