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BE-OPEN is a 30-months H2020 Coordination
and support action started on 01 January 2019,

and addresses the call MG-4-2-2018
Building Open Science platforms in transport research

BE OPEN Objectives

  • Develop a framework of common understanding of OS in Transport
  • Map existing OS resources
  • Facilitate an evidence-based dialogue to promote and establish OS in transport
  • Provide policy framework and guidance for OS implementation in transport
  • Engage a broad range of stakeholders in a participatory process for OS uptake

Promote, regulate and standardise Open Science (OS) in transport

Latest news

  • Report from the Research Council of Norway: How should we share research data?
    22 December 2021
  • UNESCO Science Commission adopts Open Science Recommendation
    20 December 2021
  • Enabling open science and societal engagement in research - EC report
    13 December 2021