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Openness Profile: Modelling research evaluation for open scholarship

29 April 2021

As part of their work on Open Scholarship, the Knowledge Exchange (KE)1 is exploring the topic of Research(er) Evaluation, with the aim to identify and support recognition of contributions to Open Scholarship, academic and non-academic, that are essential to make Open Scholarship truly work. KE's approach is to raise awareness on the lack of recognition in current evaluation practice and work towards a possible solution.

In their latest report Openness Profile: Modelling research evaluation for open scholarship they describe mechanisms and approaches to improve and incentivize the recording, evaluation, and recognition of contributions to Open Scholarship practice. As a follow-up on the report ‘Openness Profile: Defining the concepts’ (January 2020, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3607579), it presents how the Openness Profile can help address existing gaps in the assessment of open science.

1Knowledge Exchange (KE) is an European partnerhsip between six national research supporting organisations - DFG (Germany), Jisc (UK), DeiC (Denmark), SURF (The Netherlands), CSC (Finland), and CNRS (France) - working together to support the use and development of ICT infrastructures for higher education and research.