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Just before the weekend, our 5th newsletter is out!

30 April 2021

On our 5th newsletter, you will read about our fruitful second event held virtually at the US TRB (Transportation Research Board) 2021 Annual meeting and successive presentations of the TOPOS Observatory and Forum key features to the transport and open science community over the last 3 months. Additionally, we give you a preview of the outcomes of our internal workshop on Impact assessment of open science in transport research.

We have also submitted four new deliverables, which are setting the ground for the final project outputs, namely, TOPOS, the European Code of Conduct and the Roadmap for promoting on open science in transport.

Last but not least, we invite to save the date for our Final Event, on the 9th of June from 13:00 to 16:00 CET. The final event will be held online and attendance is free. We hope to have you among us.

Until then, enjoy the reading!