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Deliverable 1.3 "Use case catalogue for future research" submitted

6 April 2020

The Deliverable 1.3 "Use case catalogue for future research" follows the previous deliverables in WP1 of the BE OPEN project and completes the preliminary work aiming at establishing a common understanding in the research context related to transport.

Based on the use cases defined in Task 1.3, this deliverable carried out a systematic review of current scientific production for all transport modes (road, rail, air, water, cross-modal) by assessing the activity of Technology Platforms and main influential research organizations which participate in the BE OPEN project regarding Open Science.

The conducted work took into account different positioning based on the attributes and/or roles (i.e. public/private, operators, industries etc.) as well as the outcomes of the review activities, by describing and classifying all relevant use cases affecting current and future research trends and related industrial developments in the transport arena.

Gaps and recommendations have then been identified and proposed for the next steps of the Project.

You can read the full report under the Resources/Deliverables section of the website.

Disclaimer: This deliverable has been submitted to the EC. It is pending the EC approval. Until such approval is received, changes to the document can still occur. The final version will be uploaded once the approval is received.