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ERAC Group presents Opinion on future Open Science & Open Innovation priorities

9 April 2020

The ERAC Standing Working Group on Open Science and Innovation (SWG OSI)* drafted an Opinion on future Open Science and Open Innovation priorities in the European Research Area (2020-2030). The paper is based on evidence provided by the 2019 monitoring exercise of the ERA National Action Plans and a new short survey of its members.

Main results of the analysis are that there is much more attention to Open Science than Open Innovation in national policies, in particular in regard to the writing and implementation of national and institutional plans. They mostly relate to the development of Open Research Data infrastructures and the implementation of Open Access mandates, while changes in copyright legislation or development of a responsible evaluation of researchers seem to concern only a few countries, the document concludes. Only a few countries have dedicated specific attention to Citizen Science policies.

The group pleas for a more federated, inclusive and coordinated approach in Europe. In particular copyright legal frameworks, research evaluation practices and monitoring of Open Science and Open Innovation should become more homogeneous, or at least, interoperable beyond the national borders in accordance with the principles of FAIRness and transparency.

*The Standing Working Group on Open Science and Innovation (SWG OSI) of the European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC) is providing forward looking policy advice and recommendations to ERAC on issues linked to open science and open innovation.

The opinion can be downloaded here.

Source: ERA Portal AustriaLaLIST

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