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Channeling Open Science for a sustainable management of the ocean (thematic workshop)

20.09 2021
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Open Science Fair 2021

This workshop is organised by Blue-Cloud project, together with BE OPENCos4Cloud and FNS-Cloud projects. It will take place Monday 20 September 16:30-18:00, under the auspices of the Open Science Fair 2021.

Experts, researchers and IT developers from the transport (BE OPEN) and food thematic (FNS-Cloud) clouds as well as ESFRIs and discipline projects and actors (Cos4Cloud and others) will be invited to discuss challenges and gaps of Open Science technological frameworks where to tackle cross-disciplinary research aspects, raising from management and mining of nutrition data from fisheries and aquaculture, environmental data, data coming from the transport and mobility sector, energy sector or tourism.

The workshop wishes to contribute to the further development of discussions and collaborations in Open Science towards a better management of the ocean, in the context of European and international initiatives such as the EU Green Deal, the UN Ocean Decade, the Belém and Galway Statements and the SDGs.

As demonstrated by the requirements of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, Open Science has become a fundamental aspect of research across all disciplines. The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative is a crucial part of this commitment and will link scientific communities, infrastructures, institutions, projects in Europe and beyond, ensuring that research data and results can be accessed, reused, combined to better tackle grand societal challenges.

See more here: "Channeling open science for a sustainable management of the ocean".

Dr. Afroditi Anagnostopoulou, is representing BE OPEN at the event, demonstrating the application of BE OPEN results to the maritime sector, as well as the existing synergies with Blue-Cloud.