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Stepping Up Open Science With OpenAIRE Services; What’s In It For Universities, Research Performing Organizations & Institutions

16 January 2023

OpenAIRE launches the OpenAIRE Services for Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) with a 1h webinar on 31 January at 14.30 CET.  

The aim of the webinar will be to inform the RPOs (including librarians and any universities staff devoted to developing and implementing Open Science policies within the RPOs) on the OpenAIRE guidelines and services to step up Open Science. We will explain how the OpenAIRE services can support the research lifecycle and how the Institutions can benefit from them.  

For more information you can read our news article:  

And visit the dedicated website (, that will be continuously enriched with new use case, tutorials, and materials to download and re-use.  

Register here.

Source: EOSC Secretariat