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New deliverable submitted the on legal issues and fundamental principles of open science

30 September 2020

D4.1: "Open Science in transport research: legal issues and fundamental principles" has been submitted.

This report outlines the essential legal issues and touches upon the fundamental principles of the main areas of Open Science in transport research. As such, it constitutes an important groundwork for the Code of Conduct on Open Science in Transport, which will also be developed by the BE OPEN project.

You can read the full report under the Resources/Deliverables section of the website.

Disclaimer: The results reflect only the authors' view. Neither the Innovation and Network Executive Agency nor the European Commission is responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. This deliverable is pending the EC approval. Until such approval is received, changes to the document can still occur. The final version will be uploaded once the approval is received.