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Does Open Science have any real-world impact?

1 February 2024

Does Open Science have any real-world impact? That's what the authors of the PathOS Project were trying to figure out.

Strikingly, the evidence of the economic impact of open science and open data was extremely scarce. Authors were able to identify only 13 papers relevant to the topic, and even those were largely lacking any rigorous quantification. In the world driven by economic impact, this looks like a huge gap that needs to be filled! For example, McKinsey & Company's report back from 2013 stated that "more than $3 trillion in economic value globally could be generated each year through increasingly “liquid” information that is machine readable, accessible to a broad audience at little or no cost, and capable of being shared and distributed" - so the economic opportunity could be enormous!

Credit to Thomas Klebel, Nicki Lisa Cole, Lena Tsipouri, Eva Kormann, Istvan Karasz, Sofia Liarti, Lennart Stoy, Vincent Traag, Silvia Vignetti, Alkis Pitelis, Ioanna Grypari, PhD, Simon Apartis and Tony Ross-Hellauer for carrying out this important research work.

Link to the PathOS Project's dataset: