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1st TOPOS Observatory and Forum Webinar

21 January 2021

Today, It took place the 1st TOPOS Observatory and Forum Webinar, aimed at the BE OPEN partners.

Born from a collaborative effort from key players in transport research promoting territorial and cross-border cooperation for Open Science, the TOPOS Observatory and Forum, will contribute to create a solid knowledge base on the implementation of Open Science approaches in transport research, and in particular on current constraints and bottlenecks of this field. 

The different platforms and its features where presented by the partners in charge:

  • What is TOPOS – TOPOS Gateway summary, by Pavlos Spanidis (CERTH)
  • TOPOS Observatory for Organisations, by Alessia Bardi (ATHENA)
  • TOPOS Observatory for Individuals, by Clara Garcia (Scipedia)
  • TOPOS Forum, by Xenofon Kitsios (CERTH)

The development phase is being concluded with the feedbacks from the BE OPEN partners, which will then start working towards the broader promotion and dissemination.

If you are interested in knowing more about TOPOS, its features and services, check the page