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BE OPEN at the EOSC Coordination Day

28 29.11 2019
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Danubius Hotel Helia, Budapest, Hungary

The  EOSC Coordination Day (invitation only) is the second in a series of meetings that focus on the coordination of selected actions by the EOSC related projects. The meetings provide a platform for fostering collaboration related to the implementation of EOSC. It is the place to find common lines of activities and avoid duplication of efforts, to share and enhance best practices and success stories, to facilitate and strengthen collaboration and to scope and plan further joint goals.

BE OPEN is part of the 30+ EOSC related projects invited to engage in a structured dialogue in order to:

  • Share and enhance best practices and success stories
  • Coordinate activities and actions in order to avoid duplication of effort
  • Facilitate collaboration and definition of common lines of activities and goals

Caroline Alméras (ECTRI- BE OPEN Dissemination and Engagement Leader) will represent BE OPEN at the event.