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BE OPEN poster at IT-TRANS

1 3.12 2020
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IT-Trans 2020
Karlsruhe, Germany


Organisers announce 1-3 December 2020 as new date after previous postponement due to coronavirus outbreak.

Technology is playing an ever-more crucial role in mobility sectors, creating new options and improving the functioning of existing modes. IT-TRANS is THE pioneering Conference and Exhibition to enable you to discover, learn and discuss innovation in the public transport sector. We address important topics such as AI, machine learning, the sharing economy and many others, which are shaping the future. The IT-TRANS is organised by the BE OPEN partner UITP in cooperation with Messe Karlsruhe.

The BE OPEN poster is among the shortlisted contributions to the E-Poster Sessions, which aim at bridging the gap between research and practitioners and therefore provide practical applications, new trends and replicable solutions drawn from research and projects.

Research, technology and innovation in the transport sector are changing and facing new challenges, some linked to the aspects of Open Science. Come and learn about how the BE OPEN project is working towards assisting in operationalising Open Science in transport research at the European level.